Springing Up Update

I am no where near ‘springing’. BUT… Spring is NEARLY here (lots and lots of snow and ice, still, but warmer days) and the recovery from my surgery is finally getting to the point where I can be sitting upright for longer periods AND utilizing my brain better (less pain meds) so…. SOON I may be writing regularly again, if not about my own farm activities (nil since end of October) then at least I can write about what Richard and Joy are doing.  Like right now, they are out breaking up ice in the yard so the chickens don’t slide around when they are free-ranging in the sun during the day….God forbid a chicken should slide and go tail-feathers up, as I witnessed yesterday outside the kitchen Dutch door when I threw her out some edamame pods…

As I know more of you probably like photos rather than reading my text, here’s Chevy and his many new friends: (taken last week –  his new owners live 3 hours south and near the coast so they have much less dramatic winters than up north here).

chevy, new friends, sussex