Pell’s Hell’s Bells, Sin, and a Cardinal Christmas?

When Richard and I first lived together in ‘cardinal sin’  we called our little house “Cardinal’s Inn”. It was overflowing with his grown children and we never had much time or space to ourselves.  But now at Blue Belldon Farm we are lucky enough to have plenty of it… And in both places there was always at least one red cardinal who fluttered past our windows on a regular basis, (although I have to say we saw rather more of him before the snow fell than we have since – AND we have food in the feeder an’ all!)

First off, let me say how happy I am that this week Cardinal George Pell was found GUILTY for the 1990s altar boy cases, and in February goes back to hopefully be found guilty of the 1970s cases in Ballarat, Australia.  His high levels of Catholic authoritarianism have been stripped and he is no longer ‘fluttering about in red on the Vatican high pedestal’.  Toodles, Georgie – and good riddance!

My favourite composer,pianist/actor Tim Minchin made many victims’ prayers get answered when he raised money with his Cardinal Pell song a year and a half ago (it reached no. 1 in Aussie-land!). All the money from it went to get the victims and their families flown to Rome to hear personally why “Georgie” couldn’t make the trip back to Australia to take his place in the courts at that time. (He claimed to be ‘unwell’).  If you haven’t heard this wonderful up-beat song about a dark time in Aussie history (that’s Tim’s magic!) do give it a toe-tapping listen and realize how many benefited from it.

And now – just a bunch of Christmassy Cardinal photos and card-art, starting with friend/artist Jane Wright’s wonderful card:


I’ve tried to pick the most unique ones, or ones that remind me the most of Blue Belldon, and with this we wish you the very best of the season (there MAY be one more brief blog before Christmas, but for now, this is the modern way of sending out Christmas cards, I guess… not that I want to be doing anything ‘modern’!)  Enjoy these – you can almost curl up in some of them, they are so cozy! (I’ve left the artists’ names on wherever possible, but sadly, many of them are not shown).

23Male and femal cardinals in tree on snowy day56789101112131415161719

And finally, here’s a still from a short video we just received this evening.  It is of Chevy, working at his lovely new home, pulling in two Christmas trees for his new family, and being driven by their youngest daughter, who has all she can do to keep up with him! (which our old hips and knees couldn’t manage here – and we always had lots more snow to plow through than that as well! Down closer to the ocean, they don’t have nearly the same amount of snow as we get here in the mountains, of course!)  We know Chevy is very much enjoying his new home – there are more animals, more people and there’s more work, too – all things he loves!

chev, luke's daughter





2 thoughts on “Pell’s Hell’s Bells, Sin, and a Cardinal Christmas?

  1. Your cardinal cards are truly beautiful! Thank you for sharing.
    Chevy sounds like he has found a terrific new home. I am certain you all miss him terribly, Cami most of all.
    I can picture you with snow at the porch and a lovely fire in the hearth , with home made eggnog perhaps??
    I hope you, and Richard and Joy can have a happy and safe Christmas and that 2019 finds you all in less pain, with successful surgeries complete and speedy recovery happening.
    Hugs dear friend
    Mary and Dave


    1. Thanks, Mary – just seeing this now for some reason. Hope you and family had a joyous Christmas and are also looking forward to a New Year full of exciting adventures! Thank you for the Jacquie Lawson card as well – mucha appreciated!


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