Ever Wonder?

This is just a quick mini-post to say I have another blog up and running as of today.

Ever wonder what we self-sufficient farmers do in the deep freeze of January?

Well, we produce films, write the outline scripts for them, and fund-raise for them.  I’ve mentioned the extraordinary woman about whom this documentary is being made several times in my bluebellmountainblog.  As well as her work with Hollywood/Melissa Gilbert (Laura/Half-pint on Little House, if you want a pioneering connection to make you happy!) and Richard Farnsworth of Anne of Green Gables fame (there’s another one!).  But until you go have a look at my shiny new blog about this idol of mine, and inspiration to thousands, you won’t truly understand what she’s managed to pull off in her lifetime… so, good readers and friends of Bluebellmountainblog – PLEASE GO HAVE A QUICK LOOK NOW:


And then go to the Kickstarter link that’s there and contribute if you can – whatever you can!  And if you’d be so kind, share that link with your own social media or email addresses.

Because women like this don’t just come through our lives every day.  And her story needs to be told.

Thank you.