Julie in July – Four Beddings, No Funeral

I am pleased to report that after being in bed for nearly 4 weeks with strep throat and what I can only believe is yet another bout of my old nemesis, ‘walking’ pneumonia, I am still alive.  It has been so difficult to get anything done in a day, however, for most of this entire month, that the blog has remained untouched.  I’ve only been able to manage about 3 or 4 tasks most days during the month of July, and writing and organizing photos certainly hasn’t been a high priority for my decreased energy!

Most of the following photos (with captions, so be sure to click on the photo to enlarge and read) have necessarily been taken through either my bedroom or bathroom windows, OR do not show my face as I’ve had to wear a mask when near visitors – and we’ve had quite a bunch of them, for which I was sadly not able to be a very ‘present’ hostess!

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The above were taken from bed at various times of the early morning or late evening – but those weren’t the only times I’ve been in that darn bed this past month!  Sometimes I could rally and go do a few minutes of weeding or watering, sometimes I’d HAVE to go look after animals (Richard has been away on and off quite a bit this month as well…), a few times with visitors coming I’d have to go clean, or do a bit of baking… but mostly with all the coughing and sore throat and feeling tired all the time, I’d just be in bed.  Just a few of the visitors through July:

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Shirley Robinson enjoyed her stay so much earlier in the month that she’s back visiting us now after a successful ‘tour’ of the Maritimes!  (Mom went with her for part of that tour, and then returned with my sister Jennifer, her husband Boyd and my nephew Sydney. ) All 4 visitors have been good enough to step in and do garden work, since I was out of action!  And thanks to Boyd we have a pretty good-looking compost system up and working now!

Richard and Mom have worked quite hard in the garden as well (neither Shirley nor Joy wished their ‘unbecoming’ photos of them weeding the garden to be made public!). Richard also had to do a morning’s worth of  cutting young and overgrown poplars as sticks for our beans and peas.  This year we have a LOT of beans and peas!

I did manage to go out and tie up some rows with jute twine.  I managed about 3 rows a day.  Big whoop!

Cammie has been helping with some trimming around the farm, too.  We aren’t so crazy about this type of help, so she is mostly being tied up now (unless I can watch her from our bedroom window.)  I’m happy to report that the one bean plant and one grape vine plant (both put out as ornamentals to train for winding around a pillar) that Cammie stripped of leaves are still alive and still seem to be wishing to grow.  It’s rained so much here all month that I’m hardly surprised by this, but it does mean our veg. garden is WAY behind!

With all that precip. it was also hard to get in our first cutting of hay, but with neighbours equipment and Zeb’s help from down the road, we have managed it.  I was useless. Richard didn’t even like the way I was driving the truck and trailer around the fields to pick up bales, so – back to bed I went, after taking some of these shots .  (don’t forget to click on them to enlarge and read captions).

At the end of the haying day, however, we did have a good feeling of self-sufficiency as I managed to bake a pumpkin pie (crust from scratch, and pumpkin ours from last year’s frozen batches!) for the hungry guys as well as frying up some of the trout they’d caught earlier in the summer.  And of course, some gorgeous salad greens from the garden – about the only thing it’s yielding to us yet this summer!

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By last weekend I was finally able to rouse myself to build a small tree-house with nephew Sydney, put the finishing touches on a mud-room accessory I’d made for their Newfoundland summer home and judge a local horse show (me in skirt below).

Oh, and do a few loads of laundry.  After 4 weeks mostly in bed I was seriously behind on that!  And how fulfilling it felt to get it out on the line whilst enjoying the newly-weeded garden that OTHER people had done for us!

not-quite-so- self-sufficient life – cut hay, clothes on line and – a weeded garden, done by guests!

And, because Mom never gets to see her hummingbird feeder in action (she’s too high up and it’s necessarily on the shadier side of the house), here’s proof that it HAS been used occasionally throughout July – very entertaining for someone who’s been mostly in the house looking out the windows!

hummingbird at GLASS (not plastic, please!) feeder …





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  1. Impressive to see that so much still gets done, even when you’re not feeling well, Julie! Hope that you are feeling much better now. The photos that you took from your bedroom window are a good tonic for anyone feeling under the weather. Such beauty! XO, J

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