Something’s Rotten in the State of (New) Denmark

I haven’t written since prior to Hallowe’en for three reasons:

  1. The Hallowe’en photos and poem I worked on had the lowest amount of views since I started blogging – so I won’t be bothering with the funny, trivial stuff anymore, I guess (though why you’d want to miss Richard as a possessed child in the window, I’m not sure…) And so I was a bit blog-bummed.
  2. The election in the states upset me deeply, and still has. I’ve cried for a few days, now, but am privately corresponding continually with a number of American, Canadian and British (oh, and one Japanese- a former ESL student when I taught in Montana!)  and it helps to find ‘strength in numbers’.  As I’m such an advocate for the environment as well as human rights/women’s rights, it has sickened me terribly and I haven’t felt like doing anything so trivial as blogging!
  3. Any spare computer time I’ve had has seen me working to get my Etsy shop back up and running after a hiatus of nearly a year and a half.  It is finally up-dated, re-tagged, and with new shipping policies (from either Limestone, Maine, or here in New Denmark, depending on if customer is Am. or Can.!). All that remains to be done is to start back at the workbench creating ‘new'(old) salvage and folk art…  the shop link is

If you’re a New Brunswick family member on Richard’s side of the family, you should probably stop reading/scrolling now. Otherwise, the photos and explanations you’re about to see will spoil part of your presents for Christmas!

Deck the Country Halls with Potpourri – Smells Christmassy, too!

If you’ve been reading this blog from the beginning, you’ll know that Richard ‘s kids and all his many foster kids (over 18) called him “Pippi” instead of Pappy.  So, since his whole family will be up for Christmas this year, I’ve had to devise homesteady ways of giving them gifts.  They will be getting what was MEANT to be bright red crab-apple jelly (but ended up a dark burgundy), what was MEANT to be a bright green mint jelly (but I didn’t have food colouring or even spinach with which to dye it, so it’s clear) and a big jar of “Pippi’s Pine, Peppermint, Poppy and Petal Pot-pourri”.  To go along with “Julie’s Jellies”.

Back in August, I picked poppy and rose petals, mint leaves, pine needles and pine cones, and set it all out on thick cardboard to dry:

The Pine and Mint smell of Christmas, the poppy leaves give it their red colour (good to write this on Remembrance Day, too – we sure had loads of poppies! In case you’ve forgotten (I already have) how pretty and green and flowery everything was, see below for the 4 ingredients to the perfumed gift.)

Once the ingredients for the potpourri are dried (about a half-day if it’s hot – don’t leave until they start curling or turning ‘dead’ colour!) put them in a mason jar with a small string of fairy lights (cord should be near top) put on lid, then put decorative fabric over that, with rubber band and  twine/ribbon.  When the recipient of the gift wants to plug in their potpourri jar, they should take the tin top off (which I put on to preserve the perfumes),  pull the plug end out, put the fabric back over the opening, and plug in the lights!  The tiny bit of heat from the fairy lights causes the potpourri to waft its scents throughout the room. Lovely!

Thus, despite the horrible shock of the election and what it means for the world (“something rotten” )  nothing will SMELL rotten in New Denmark in the next festive weeks to come…



8 thoughts on “Something’s Rotten in the State of (New) Denmark

  1. Just read your Halloween blog now. It came I while we were in Iceland! Great trip..fascinating landscapes and amazing Viking stories! It was a short 5 day 4 night trip..short enough to never recover from jet lag! You certainly worked hard on the poem.. And the pictures,l but Dave liked Richards chainsaw best of all! Starts better than his! Hugs.. And chin up re our neighbours to the south. The worst part for me is how embarrassingly bad the U.S. looks to the rest of the world. Respect lost … So sad. Hugs M

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    1. Wow! Iceland -bet it was magnificent and extrreme! Sorry about the jet-lag. Richard has been doing that chainsaw for a lot of years, but we never get tired of it and considering he injured himself in 4 different places all needing ice, blood staunching and bandaging last week, we prefer that this invisible chain saw is the ONLY one he uses. I’m afraid it’s going to be a long time before I feel better about the election – because it’s going to affect so much of what a lot of other countries are involved in as well – and the human rights are already disappearing at a huge rate in the schools, as I’m sure you’ve seen. Today a kid told a Muslim teacher to “unwrap her scarf from her head, put it around her neck and hang herself with it” because “this is PROPER America now!” Sad, sad, sad. But thanks for trying, Mare! Hi to Dave, and hope you’re recovered by now from the jet lag!


  2. It has been a REALLY tough week, losing the election and Leonard sent me under my covers to wallow in despair while listening to “You Want It Darker”. But the sun insists on coming up …so did I. So put your nose in the sweet smelling jar, take a deep breath and remember…”there’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in” and enjoy the visits from family.


    1. I forgot how much of a Leonard C. fan you were as well. Yes, it’s all too sad. And some of your cracks are a bit smelly as well, if you think about it! “Something’s rotten…” 🙂


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