Fab Farmfotos… Summer Scenes !



From the moonlight magic on the summer solstice, to the fields and forests full of fireflies, to the burbling brook at the back of Bluebelldon, to the pioneer poppies of paradise and the larkspur and lupines along the laneways, not to mention the sunrises and sunsets, the rainbows and rainstorms… this is the time to share photographs of this incredible experience we have begun,  living here…  Thus, (and because I’m far too exhausted from all the renovations and gardening this week to do more than make up this slideshow for you) I offer you: Summer Scenes.  All have been taken standing somewhere on our 10 acre piece of paradise.  Next week – get ready for a giggle with my stories about trips to Maine and garage sale-ing in the neighbourhood…


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Blue Belldon Borage Bites

Delicious!  All fresh and organic too!

Can’t believe I just sat down to eat the very first things from our property – a great way to end a super Sunday!  Finally got down the hill to meet Martha Oullette of Martha’s Place, a darling little antique shop a stone’s throw from our front door here at the farm.  I bought the cute little New Brunswick-made pottery creamer from her,  (needed a small one, because the big one is more like a jug!) as well as two jars of her own clover honey from this stunning valley.  Then I came back to see if our wild strawberries were ready to harvest yet, because though I checked about 4 days ago, Martha advised that they were indeed ready. And sure enough!  I also picked some borage I planted a month ago, and while our own salad greens aren’t ready yet, some from last year’s garden has grown enticingly, and thus – here’s the meal:

Meal tonight: Lettuce cress, Wild strawberries and Borage all from this property – Borage makes great iced tea which I also flavoured with the strawberries as well.  The addition of the cheese curds is a tease for Richard who loves them – and they are local from the area as well! Can’t wait ’til we have our own dairy goat so EVERYTHING in the bowl comes from Blue Belldon Farm, though!

Outside the window are the raised beds for the more-shaded salad greens.  I made these out of more kitchen drawers when renovating the kitchen.  The house offers that area shade up until about 2:00 p.m., so I think we’ll have some tasty treats there eventually.  Everyone is saying what a late start it’s been for gardens this year, though, with two weeks of cold and rain after the initial end-of-May heat wave… the poor seeds haven’t known what was up!  But I loved sitting on my front porch tonight with my dog at my feet, and an amazing mountain vista in front of me, hulling the tiny berries in my lap… as so many Appalachian women before me have sat and done for at least 2 centuries!  Delightful!

Have tried to clean up the front porch a bit, although the door has been blocked until Richard makes me my much-dreamt-of Dutch door.  But this is where Smitty and I sat to  hull the berries…  Reckon mebbe a oughter get me a pipe now, though?