Beaver Dam & Smitty the Ham

Sometimes of an evening

When we’ve been working all the day

And there’s been no time for Smitty

To walk, or run or play.


I put him in the pick-up

And we drive down to Back Lake Road

To listen to the peepers

Or watch a hopping brown-wart toad.


One night we watched a beaver

As he shoved a large black branch

Toward his log cabin abode

In his Mazzerole Lake ranch.


So many lakes and marshes

As well as ponds and brooks

Surround us on all sides

And Richard’s keen to get out hooks


And start catching our fresh fish

For supper every night

Perhaps our figures will shape up

As we try and just eat right.


But in the meantime, Smitty thinks

A dog treat is now called for

And he won’t let go of that ideal

– He’s waitin’ at the door!