Mooning in the Marsh & Moving Mayhem

meeting our new neighboursRichard took the first load to Blue Belldon Farm this past weekend, driving our new used truck and trailer, the truck which we are planning to be our only means of transport, and the trailer which we were hoping to sell in N.B. We’ve spent quite a bit of money getting it ready for the trip. Richard planned to be there late afternoon on Saturday, and meet – shall we say – a close relative who has inherited a lot of the same humorously klutzy genes that many in his family have.  It truly does seem to have spread to all the males in that extended family.  Anyway, said male relative – let’s call him Randy – was to meet up with him at 3 p.m. at the farm and then drive him back to catch a plane to Ontario for work on Monday.  Randy had to, in his words, ‘take a whizz’ while he was waiting for my also husband to show up at the farm, so he stopped in our marshy area below Blue Belldon to have a pee, and apparently it “came out BOTH ends”. So, he wanted to clean himself up before coming up the hill to meet R. and the realtor. Thus, he proceeded to take off his underpants and hurl them into the brush. But then his jeans caught on a branch and he was knocked backward into the marsh. Fell right in, bare assed. As he turned onto his knees to get up, ass facing the road, that was when, of course, one of our new neighbours drove by in his pick-up, slowed down to see if someone needed help, and saw the first sight of the Reich family moving in to Blue Belldon Farm. Moon over the Marsh – what a great way to let the neighbours know we’ve arrived in our usual comical style!

For the trip out, which included mostly Richard’s garage items and power tools, Richard being a MAN wouldn’t listen to me about the tarps covering truck and trailer, and had to do it his own way. By the time he got to Kingston to his Dad’s on Fri. night, the green one on the truck was already in tatters like I told him it would be. He had to borrow another from his Dad – he also got a generator from him. When he got to Grand Falls N.B. where he was to meet our realtor, he parked on a hill  and put the emergency brake on as well as the trailer brakes. Both tarps were in ribbons by then. Then the do-do forgot and drove from G.F. to our farm (about 20 min up steep hills) WITH BOTH BRAKES ON. On a truck AND trailer we just bought and on which he’d fussed and spent loads of time and money on prior to leaving.      Both sets of brakes will need to be fixed – just hope not the truck’s transmission too!  Can you imagine if a woman (ME) had done this?  Good Lord, never, never would we (ME) have heard the end of it!  Anyway,  I forgive him a bit because he was exhausted from a 10 hour drive, and he has what we lovingly refer to as chemo-brain anyway, due to many bouts of the chemical crap in his body since 1996.

BUT !  Richard being Richard, that of course wasn’t the end of it. Then he and the realtor pulled in the drive and she went to open the big barn/garage door on the quonset for R. to back the truck and trailer into and there was no electricity to do so. There was thus also no light to see the fuse box. (It’s a massive industrial door that is powered by electric, but Richard being a cheap-skate, had the power turned off when the previous owners left last week, and didn’t arrange to have it back on until we’re out there next week) . Soooooo Richard’s relative “Randy”  shows up (with no underpants under his jeans and a red-face that wasn’t explained until much later)  and they haul off the generator that thank GOD Richard’s father put on the pick-up for us back in Kingston, and hook up a work light that R. had on the trailer with, thank GOD an extension cord, and it took an extra hour and a half just to open the friggin’ door and back the truck and trailer inside to await our arrival next week. Will men NEVER learn to listen to women – we’re all about thinking ahead, common sense, organizing… but no, Men continue to RULE most of the world and dismiss our ideas/advice. I’ve actually moved 27 times in my adult life, 4 times to different countries, and 19 of those times with just a pick-up and trailer. You’d think I WAS THE VOICE OF EXPERIENCE to listen to in this case, but alas…

Well, Mooning Men and  Moving Mayhem… it all continues again THIS weekend! Stay tuned!

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