Woodpile Weirdoes

Feeling like a bit of levity this week: For those who know Richard “Pippi” well, it is not a surprise that he occasionally launches into silly song-and-dances or his own dramatic performances, either to gain attention from a small crowd, to wake me up on a dark morning, or simply because he’s feeling good and glad to be ALIVE.  Some of you have been unable to find our funny youtube videos that we were preparing for an audition on a reno. t.v. show, and this includes two of Pippi with his pretend chain-saw. It is one of his more popular party-tricks, I must admit.  Sometimes he does it without any prop (eg. the priming version) but, like the photo below, he will sometimes hold a piece of wood or the like to give the impression of a chainsaw.


The youtube link for these weird ‘impressions’ of “manwithchainsaw” are at:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIqnlROINck    and   the priming demo at:

Our other humourous audition tapes are here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gP0VNKooi5Y  and here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBbBqhihjdo , in case you’re fans of Richard the Ridica-LOUSE.  The latter explains the reasons/plans for our move to New Brunswick.

One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen or heard re: a chainsaw was when I lived in England and one of my good friends, Mr McEvoy (not Mr. McGarrity in the garden, see Maggie Muggins BECAUSE-WHY category, but close !) told me he was going out to use the chainsaw in his yard.  It was really just a hedge-trimmer!  I laughed and laughed… the Brits always think everything in North America is so much bigger, but in this case – how TRUE!

cutting hedge

McEvoys, Maine, and the Mighty Miramichi…

McEvoy and McEvoy (father and son) also run a wilderness survival/bush craft course in the u.k., and we hope to perhaps become amalgamated with them as they help us with ideas for From Paddle to Saddle around Thanksgiving of 2016 when they are coming to be our first bunk-house B&B’ers to try their hand at paddling in the Mighty Miramichi.

Here’s a photo of them in the rugged Yorkshire Dales, geo-caching and navigating to hone their wilderness skills. New Brunswick’s Appalachians will seem easy after this, I’m sure! Stay tuned for their sharing of wilderness adventures in October!

remy nav.

A funny reference to wood-piles/woodsheds (besides the obvious tongue twister “how much wood could a wood-chuck chuck…”) is Stella Gibbon’s famous, if ambiguous quote “I saw something nasty in the woodshed!”. When I was getting my degree in English Lit, a room-mate and I went to see Cold Comfort Farm and laughed and laughed at this quote, and proceeded to say it to each other in relation to almost anything, for the rest of the year! Love its ambiguity, actually – because it can mean SO much!