Earth Day “Emissions” of my Mind


I love the above cartoon of the Earth’s relationship with us.  And because it’s Earth Day, it is exciting news that so many have signed the Paris Agreement to try and reduce greenhouse gas emissions…

My sister is doing her part in Newfoundland – she was the first in St. John’s to purchase an electric car, and she is so proud! Soon they are putting up solar panels to connect to it, so that it will be run entirely from nature, AND not putting unhealthy chemicals and emissions back IN to nature!  Now, if we could all do this, and if it was made affordable for us to do so… Wow!  Here’s Jennifer in her car:

For Christmas, Mom and I gave Richard a Canadian Tire solar panel and all its fixin’s (don’t expect that just the panel is all you’ll need, and don’t expect the back of the box to help much with what you DO need! Ask a salesperson!)  He’s been playing with his solar panel for 4 months now, and has a good idea what he likes/dislikes:

And now, he’s very keen to do THIS to the whole 100ft. of our barn/Quonset at Blue Belldon Farm! It’s available in the u.k. NOW!