All Canadians should know this… and OBJECT!


The statistics are mind-boggling, the numbers seem exaggerated… but this is all true, folks.  If you can’t grow your own ( and anyone can, inside, u.v. lights, near windows, or on apartment balconies and in back yard greenhouses) THEN AT LEAST PAY ATTENTION WHEN YOU ARE GROCERY SHOPPING!  We are eating SOOOO much that doesn’t come from our own country (giving developers more excuses to take over and build on our agricultural land, and in the woodland and marshes that are natural habitat for our wildlife.)   Every year I see more and more apple and pear trees by the sides of roads and in old orchards left unharvested. WHY are we wasting our own food, only to spend top dollar and import much less naturally-grown and naturally-stored fruits? Are we really THAT lazy now?  We have tipped the scales WAY too far – things are wholly unbalanced, and I’m not sure we can ever right it properly again.  But, the next time you are in the produce aisles, look at what you’re about to buy that’s not just grown in the States, but even worse, Mexico, South America, Central America and overseas!  So that not only are we eating terribly unhealthily, with chemically enhanced products that cause cancer and all other types of brain and body diseases and conditions BUT we are messing with our own economy, and giving greedy corporations license to keep building on our OWN farm and orchard lands…. Watch this. You absolutely WILL NOT BELIEVE!  Eat REAL (ie: NOT baby carrots, even if they say ‘organic’) and Eat LOCAL – meaning not just our own nation, but our own NEIGHBOURHOODS.  (Or better yet your own home-growns).  And if you can’t afford organic produce, DO wash your food in natural vinegar – far more pesticide poisons will be taken off with vinegar than a mere rinse in water – and it makes ’em all shiny, too!


Below, a vertical hanging herb garden  Rustic Revivals (me!) built for a customer who wanted to grow her herbs and smaller veg. in the frame outside during the summery months and inside the rest of the year – made from old pieces of tobacco slats…


vertical herbs



fortune cookies

Remember the margarine commercial “It’s not NICE to fool with Mother Nature…???

This is another frightening, eye-opening article about how our food is being modified – without our knowledge!

And lastly, here is a piece of salvage art made by Rustic Revivals (me)  – the blocks were old table legs cut up and found in a dumpster. The fabric is all tea-stained linen from a scrap bag.  The piece reminds us NOT to fool with Mother Nature – can we ever put it all back to rights? Sometimes I am so disheartened by what we as a species have done to this planet…      (for more salvage and folk art eco-friendly/natural works by Rustic Revivals, see either our shop on  –   OR google the name for more info/photos!)  The below was made for a Mother’s Day gift, which gives it that little extra double meaning!


ma nature3