Redesigning with Rural Revivals

Since Richard and I do this as part of our Rural Revivals Reno. sideline, we are going to completely revamp the kitchen – back to original/old details as much as possible.  The organic gardens and orchards will be bringing in lots for us to do during summer and autumn months, so it’s imperative to have this kitchen ready for canning, preserving, freezing and baking… Here’s the before, and what we hope it will look like by July, 2016!kitchen watch this space

It’s actually  quite inexpensive to re-do the cupboards – just paint the outers, and take off the doors, cutting windows in some, and leaving some off permanently, with ‘basket drawers’ instead.  Those doors without the glass will have the elongated wrought iron stable door hinges, which will also be on the Dutch door (stable door) – a half-door I’ve always dreamt of having since I nearly bought a cottage in Burnsall Bridge, Yorkshire with one in the kitchen looking out on the back meadow. My old bake table will be the centre island, as always, with a beam Richard claims he can install himself (not holding my breath, but we’ll see…). The harvest table will be in front of the huge windows that look out at our amazing view of the hills and valleys, with Blue Bell Mountain being the furthest peak.  The fridge will be ‘wrapped’ for now, in a faux ice-box vinyl (shudder, the un-enviro-word). Later, when we purchase a better fridge, I’ll want to clad it in tongue and groove pine or at least bead board, as I’ve done previously to fridges in country kitchens.  The cookstove is another dream that will finally reach fruition. I’ve owned one, but never had it hooked up, and the ones that I’ve cooked on have never been in homes I’ve owned! So finally, this will be an end to that cycle!  We’re hoping the floor has original wide planks, but if not, we’ll make do with whatever IS original under the linoleum that’s down now. The brick backsplash is easily purchased and installed, and will be above the counter and under and behind where the cookstove will reside.  And lastly, if there’s still anything in the budget – time for finally getting a butler’s sink (farm sink) with a copper tap to match all my copper pots and pans, and we’ll have an old pump there as well, for decorative reminder of days gone by if not actually working… Can’t wait to get started on this project! I’ll have to be alternating between doing this, and working in the garden so we have food to eat all winter!

Down the hallway is a bathroom that is also awaiting our renovation, so that we can have a cast iron claw-foot tub put in (same thing – I’ve owned the tub before, but never the house I put it in!). For now, I’m going to do a tribute to this future oasis:

ode to commode