Pippi’s Fishin’ Hole Fables – and FACTS!

Part of living self-sufficiently (or as much as possible) is to catch your own fish for a healthy, well-balanced diet (providing the streams and lakes aren’t too polluted for this anymore!)  Richard loves fishing, and behind us, just across some fields and forest, are Mazzerole Lake and Back Lake, as well as a plethora of other lakes, streams and brooks such as:

Whenever Richard is off on one of his fishing fiestas, he’ll inform me what’s happening at the chosen ‘hole’, I’ll write it in this diary/category  and local fishermen can check in to see what’s biting/when and where!  Now, just pray that in his accident-prone propensity, I don’t have to report pulling hooks out of Richard’s backside!fishin' diary P.S. Richard has helped raise more than 20 foster kids, as well as his own two boys.   They started out calling him “Pappy”, but the more hair he lost, the more they called him “Pippi” (as in he has no braids to stick straight out at the sides…)