Because-Why #4- Joy’s Door

joy's door

Mom used to read Maggie Muggins to us when we were growing up , and now my sister has read all the stories to my nephew as well. So, the Because-Why and How-To re: Joy’s Door (access to the upstairs, where she will live)… to follow upon contractors’ quotes! So she will live separately from us, as we all prefer, and her own guests can come and go as they please as well…  Thus, we’re putting in a door for her where this window is, and even her entrance will be private, as there’s a downstairs door that shuts her off from our kitchen.  And it’s much better that SHE be the one living upstairs, as we’ve tried it a few times the other way ’round – and believe me, NO ONE wants to be subjected to either Richard or myself pounding about on our heels above them!

joy's door cut in