Because-Why # 3: Blue Bell Name Game

All around us in the lovely Victoria County is the beauty of this fascinating flower that has so many other names as well: the Scottish hare-bell, the fairy flower, etc. When I lived in England, its whispering woodland springtime appearances were among the most awe-inspiring of my walks.
And all around us, here in New Brunswick are the names: Blue Bell Brook, Bell Grove, Blue Bell Mountain, Blue Bell Corner, Blue Bell, Blue Belle, etc.  Yet, the history of the village of Blue Bell itself (NOT Blue Bell Corner), up “yon side” from our farm, originates from the mountain peak situated at Bell Grove, whose summit is blue. The moment the sun rays shine on it, it takes on the form of a bell resting on the ground. The name Blue Bell was also used for the main street, the post office and the train station not far from where the Catholic church is situated.  I wasn’t even alive then, but I miss those things there now!

Blue Bell Corner itself was first called New Denmark South and then renamed Blue Bell Corner  with the creation of the first post office there: PO Blue Bell 1889-1930: in 1898 Blue Bell Corner was a farming settlement with just the 1 post office and a population of 75. New Denmark itself only has 1,000 people in it now, but Blue Bell Corner has lost its primary status as a ‘village’. However, the ties are strong!  On June 19 of every year, the community gathers on the historical grounds in N.D. to celebrate Founders Day. Through song, dance, prayer, and pure reminiscing, it is a very important day in New Denmark. Many Danish treats  are also served on this day of celebration, although there are 17 percent Danish people left in the area and nearly 13 percent Scottish – time to celebrate Hogmanay and serve some Haggis in the cold winters, to our neighbours?

I still prefer thinking of the names referring directly to the lovely and meaningful flower, nevertheless, for they have long been symbolic of humility and gratitude. They are associated with constancy, gratitude and everlasting love. I am SOOOOO grateful to be moving with my mother and husband, -to Blue Bell, specifically, and N.B. in general – for so many reasons too numerous to elaborate upon here.  And I am full of constancy and love for my Richard who has helped make the push for this to happen, through so many trials in his own life.  And I am happy that we can have Joy with us, to celebrate some of the Scottish background of which she is so proud, in our own “highlands”. Incidentally, the “BlueBells of Scotland” song was written in 1801 – by a WOMAN!   Her name was Dorothy Jordan (Dora) and Blue Bell Corner is in Victoria County.  My maternal grandmother was Dorothy, and my paternal was Victoria.  Is this an EVERLASTING LOVING sign that my two Grandmas are giving the old Dory/Tory sign of approval?  Both these grandmeres were my best friends growing up, and both inspired and motivated me to read, write, act, and be as creative and artistic as I liked… Here’s to the Tory and Dory movement as we come to Blue Belldon Farm!