Because-Why #2 – Cedar Closets/Chests

Blue Belldon Farm is lucky enough to have some beautiful old doors, even on the closets upstairs. And the insides are cedar!  Now, we all know there’s a more fragrant way to keep moths and insects from devouring your best Aran cardy. The natural aroma of cedar has kept garments hole-free and smelling fresh for centuries. And not only does it repel pests like moths and roaches, it also resists mildew that can ruin fabrics less bulky than wool.

To use cedar to its fullest, you should line a whole closet with it. Ours at the farm just have the backs of the doors done, and this isn’t ideal. The installation is simple when it’s done with tongue-and-groove boards, and the result is both practical and handsome, as This Old House senior technical editor Mark Powers says.  And you’ll never mistake a mothball for a peppermint in your cardigan pocket again!