Phonetic Phun and Phrases re: the Pharm!

cartoon, piggsnyeBecause I was a high school English teacher, (in another lifetime ago) my dear friend Anne Schultz gave me a deck of Old Anglo-Saxon words, which I’ve found most amusing in menopausal insomnia nights.  Did you know Piggesnye  was actually a term of endearment  for one’s sweetheart? It meant, literally, “cute little pig’s eye” and is first credited to Chaucer who of course is responsible for starting the tradition of sending love notes on St. Valentine’s Day.  I’m  going to start calling Richard my “Piggesnye” (I already frequently call him the first syllable anyway, especially when he’s drooling dinner down his undershirt…)  And I think we should name our first pig at Blue Belldon  “Chaucer”!