Fact or Folk Lore ?: Lucy’s Gulch

lucy's gulchWonderful story of near-by Lucy’s Gulch. One of her ancestors says this name did not come about with the Danish, but prior to that – Lucy’s sister Jane married Daniel Watson,  and they  had several children together, then in time he built a house beside theirs for his sister-in-law and started having children with Lucy! Lucy Whitehead was a mid-wife in the area and had to slog up and down the steep ravine (the road is actually her footpath!) during many hard winters while trying to help local farm wives! Here’s a photo of the two houses Daniel built for his two women!  Joy, her mother (my grandmother) and I have all much-loved and read Catherine Marshall’s “Christy”, which is full of G U L C H names, so we love that Lucy’s Gulch is within walking distance of the farm…

Daniel, Jane and Lucy's houses