Don’t think I HERD ya right… eh?


My CHEESE BOXES are at the ready – but do I just want one goat, two, or a small herd? (Actually, below items are from my Rustic Revivals shop at, or visit us here at the farm to see them all in our ‘cabin’!)pioneer womanblue goat

                     fabulous quick and simple youtube video from the Prairie Homestead!

Calligraphied Recipes for your Country Kitchen

5Samples of Calligraphied Country Recipes from my Juliet’s Quill online offerings.  See more to choose from, and ideas, at :

The Tractor Seat Saga -seriously?


When I found it, round on top, holes to ventilate through heat

Rusted to the core of me,

Rusted to the sham

Bolted in the centre.

Bolted, me, through no fixed address.

Among the urban fallows.

There, tractor

Once bouncing along, on the brow of the don…

Now propped against a tree-trunk. Propped.

Only a prop. Props master, puppet master.

Like the cue to enter stage left,

On its bouncy fulcrum, as the jester

Bounces on.


But silent, now, no jest to play,

No audience approval.

Brow furrowed. Burro burrowed.

Burro bolted. Centre stage.

Last furrow ploughed a thousand years before.

How many seats? Who played Bottom?

How many Bottoms?




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